Regenerative Electric Power Storage and Effective Utilization System

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Why not utilize "Third Power Sources" effectively?
Applicable to all types of transfer equipment involving regenerative operation.

Please look at the attached pamphlet for further details.
e-WERBO pamphlet (PDF)
e-WERBO pamphlet(PDF)


Regenerative electric power

Operation that rotates a motor with a force larger than the load is called “power running.” “Regenerative operation” is reverse to power running, in that the motor is rotated by the load. During regenerative operation, the motor serves as a generator that generates regenerative electric power.

features of e-WERBO

Reutilizes 95% or more regenerative electric power

95% or more regenerative electric power that previously was wasted can be reutilized. (In comparison with in-house data)

Easy installation and compact body

e-WERBO enables easy retrofitting to an existing panel. The compact movable body can be installed even in tight spaces.

Excellent countermeasure to disasters

e-WERBO is equipped with LED illumination (10 W). Even if the primary power supply is lost in a disaster,etc., illumination can be secured for approx. 1.5 hours by using the power stored in the capacitor.

Long service life

e-WERBO reutilizes regenerative electric power from the lowering operation for the lifting operation, enabling both “energy-savings and power peak shaving.